RT - Innovator in Tank and Remediation Projects


The solution-oriented engineering approach used by RT Environmental Services, Inc. (RT) and its commitment to high quality service require that it be an innovator in the use of new remediation technologies. RT leads the way in knowing if, when, and how to use these new technologies. 

RT has completed hundreds of tank and petroleum pipeline groundwater investigation projects. These include tank management programs for companies with 100+ tanks and major petroleum company multi-site investigation/remediation projects. 

In one project for a major car rental company in the Atlantic City area, gas vapors were detected while putting in sewers in a city street. When another consultant was unable to rectify the problem and the company was facing penalties from the Department of Environmental Protection, RT was called. 

RT avoided penalties by locating the problem, identifying a solution, and designing a system that accounted for the company's location on a barrier island near the ocean. RT installed a groundwater recovery system of modular design using Calgon carbon pretreatment units. A special sensor was needed to detect salt water entering the system because salt water will foul the carbon and negatively affect the pretreatment system. On detection of salt water, the autodialer system calls RT and shuts the system down until the problem is corrected.  

Other technologies employed on the site included pulse-pumping and continuous monitoring of the effluent. 

The remedial cleanup project was completed in 18 months and now requires monitoring only. 

In the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area alone, RT has completed over 100 projects using one or more of the investigation and remediation techniques described below.