Underground Storage Tanks

Why are Underground Storage Tanks (UST's) a Problem?

USTs can leak, causing cleanups costing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Leaked oil and qasoline can be expensive and time consuming to remediate.  Bare steel tanks have a design life of 20 years, but some develop leaks even before then.  New tanks are mostly double wall construction.


Are my tanks regulated?

Most tanks which supply heating oil to homes and businesses are not regulated, but this varies by state.  Tanks which are used for dispersing fuel for motor vehicles of any type usually are regulated.  Even if your tank is not regulated, you still need to be aware of the potential for leakage.


How are tanks tested and investigated?

Tanks are tightness tested using methods to determine if there are oil or water leaks.  However, tightness testing does not determine whether there was spillage from the surface during tank filling and activities.  GEOPROBE investigations, involving the installation of small diameter holes near the tank, are used for this purpose.