Our mission is to help our clients address their environmental issues and to help them build environmental management facilities which will work effectively and efficiently. The following principles will guide all of our work for each client:

  • When an environmental problem is suspected or only partially identified, we will do our best to confirm the extent of the problem as efficiently as possible, using the most appropriate investigative techniques.
  • When the extent of the problem is evident, we will seek to identify the best workable solutions as early as possible. 
  • When we design remedial measures and new environmental management facilities, these projects will be environmentally protective and will work efficiently with the client's operation over the long term. Our projects will incorporate the most appropriate, proven and workable technology. 
  • When we implement or oversee construction or remediation, we will judiciously uphold all environmental and quality standards, including all special provisions for the project. We will manage the project as if it were our own by fully protecting the client's financial interest and keeping all key project principals fully informed of progress. 
  • We will always seek the most appropriate project-specific professional and technological resource mix, on an ongoing basis. We will engage the proper technical disciplines for each assignment, and will never attempt to learn other technical areas of expertise at our client's expense. 
  • We will always seek a high level of quality in all of our work. If a quality problem is found after the fact, we will determine its significance and resolution as if it were a current problem. We will be honest and fair in our dealings with everyone.

The principles in this Mission Statement guide us in our day-to-day work; they help assure that we meet every client's needs because every client is important to us.