Lead Based Paint

Historical Usage - Lead based paint was used extensively throughout the interiors and exteriors of buildings prior to 1978, primarily due to it strength and overall durability.  The use of lead based paint was highest in housing built before 1960, however, its presence is widespread in housing built before 1980.  The use of lead based paint was completely banned for residential use in 1978.  Lead based paint is still widely present in both industrial and residential settings and remains the focus of both new regulations and health standards.


Hazards, Health Effects - The health concerns associated with lead based paint are well documented and are of particular concern to infants and children. The ingestion of lead based paint chips and/or dust can raise blood lead levels.  Even at very low concentrations of lead in blood, children can become debilitated, with impairment of brain development occurring.  Pregnant mothers exposed to elevated lead levels can inadvertently pass the concentrations of lead in their blood to the developing fetus.


RT staffs licensed professionals and provides all services associated with lead based paint including:

  • Surveys
  • Abatement & Repair
  • Inspections
  • Air Monitoring