RT Environmental Services, Inc. (RT) has been providing services related to stormwater, since the inception of the firm in 1988.  Listed below are the key categories of stormwater services we offer.


INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL – RT provides StormwateRx equipment exclusively, on the East Coast of the United States.  Stormwater Rx provides cost effective solutions for industrial and commercial stormwater issues of concern.  To learn more about StormwateRx’s modular treatment systems, click here.  We also offer stormwater permitting services, throughout our service area, and can recommend stormwater Best Management Practices, on a site by site basis, to meet individual client’s needs.  With the increased focused on stormwater at State and Federal regulatory level, and to learn more about StormwateRx solutions applicable to your site, contact Justin Lauterbach at (215) 909-0056.


DOWNSTREAM IMPACTS – Frequently, downstream property owners feel they have been unfairly impacted, by increased volumes of stormwater, following development of upstream sites. RT has assisted with litigation in a number states, and resolved issues to determine the nature of stormwater flow problems, and all too often, stormwater quality problems.  We have in-depth experience in determining why problems have occurred, how they can be solved, and where necessary, we offer expert services (see below).  Regarding more information on projects and how we determine downstream property impacts, contact Gary R. Brown, P.E. at (610) 265-1510 Ext. 234.


CONSTRUCTION SITES are increasingly the focus of stormwater concerns, as sedimentation and erosion during construction, can cause impacts to receiving waters, including waters regulated by individual states, or, the federal government.  There are significant changes in what contractors need to do involving Best Management Practices, during construction, and RT is frequently asked to complete “constructability reviews”, particularly where site plan designs were completed some time ago, and need to be upgraded to meet current regulatory requirements. To learn more about these services contact Josh Hagadorn at (610) 265-1510 Ext. 211.


EXPERT SERVICES are offered by RT, when litigation is necessary to resolve stormwater issues.  We have provided expert services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in some instances involving state and federal court cases.  Our President has also appeared before the Environmental Hearing Board, involving substantial long-term impact to a stream in Northeastern Pennsylvania.   To learn more about our expert services contact Gary R. Brown, P.E. at (610) 265-1510 Ext. 234.


DEVELOPMENT AND REDEVELOPMENT SITES offer special challenges, and our President, Gary R. Brown, has lectured in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, on “special sites”, where traditional Erosion and Sedimentation Controls, including detention basins, cannot be implemented, as contamination which remains at the site in soil and/or groundwater, might be exacerbated.  In such instances, regulatory meetings are typically needed, and site specific Best Management Practices, with increased focus on stormwater quality are implemented. We even have experience in “special protection” watersheds, in Pennsylvania.  For more information on stormwater management at the development and redevelopment sites, contact Gary R. Brown, P.E. at (610) 265-1510 Ext. 234.