Solid Waste Hauling 

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, RT Environmental Services prepared an Abatement Plan for a trucking facility that is used for the temporary parking and marshalling of solid waste transport vehicles. The Abatement Plan addressed vector, odor, litter and spill control problems at the facility. To meet the regulatory deadlines, the Abatement Plan was prepared on a top priority basis, within 72 hours. 

Hazardous Waste Storage Facility 

For a New Jersey client, RT took the lead on updating a Part B application and designing a new drum container storage facility. Work was completed on an accelerated basis due to a Notice of Deficiency (NOD) letter. Site-wide process improvements at the hazardous waste treatment facility were designed, including a new waste receipt facility. 

Transfer Stations

RT was responsible for designing and obtaining permits for a large facility that included a transfer station and a recycling center in eastern Pennsylvania. The facility is designed to process large-scale municipal mixed residential recyclables, recycle demolition and construction waste, and provide municipal waste transfer capabilities. 

Processing Facility Design 

For Berks Transfer, RT designed a recycling facility to handle the load from a recently closed demolition and construction waste landfill. The design provides for maximum metals separation and flexible handling of items such as wood waste and concrete. Waste is received on a large tipping floor where metals are separated for recycling. The remaining waste is then fed into several crushers, which grind up concrete materials for reuse as aggregate. Wood materials are recycled into chips suitable for use as mulch. 

The facility is designed to be built and expanded in stages so that specialized major equipment can be installed as new recycled products are defined and markets develop for recycled materials. The facility is scheduled to go to construction, after issuance of permits, in late 1994. 

Treatment System Upgrading 

For a Pennsylvania manufacturer of tubing products, RT designed a groundwater recovery and treatment system upgrading program. Discharges of TCE over effluent limits caused a citizen suit to be threatened. RT identified cost-effective changes in an existing TCE air stripper treatment system which could help meet treatment discharge standards quickly and resolve effluent discharge problems. Work was completed on a fast track basis to avoid the threat of regulatory penalties.