e-Edition: January 2018


Potential solar energy sites continue to get more attention in New Jersey, as the state gives certain incentives where the solar fields are built on Brownfields sites.  RT has been working on five solar sites in New Jersey, most of which are in operation.  These sites are in Tinton Falls, Howell Township and there is a solar field expansion project in Pennsauken.  Under construction is a large site in Old Bridge.  Another site in Monroe Township, Monmouth County is in the permitting and design stage.


When a public hearing was held in Old Bridge Township, members of the Planning and Zoning Boards were highly complimentary about the State’s solar incentive program for former Brownfield’s sites.  The Old Bridge site had been used for mining and construction of bricks for nearly 100 years, and was never properly reclaimed.  


Trees growing in uncovered bricks on a significant portion of the site could not thrive and would blow over during windstorms.  A large open area of scrap bricks has now been properly remediated by capping and the entire site will have appropriate revegetation completed under NJDEP’s Site Remediation Program.  


As potential solar sites receive more attention, RT has staff to move quickly to prepare Solar “T” applications and to investigate the sites.  In addition to the solar sites, we have underway or have completed work at more than 75 New Jersey remediation sites, and we have three LSRPs with experience on sites throughout the state.


- Gary Brown, L.S.R.P


The NJDEP recently issued an important article update on “In Situ Remediation: Design Considerations and Performance Monitoring Technical Guidance Document.” The document is dated October 2017 and is very detailed, being 146 pages long. Appendix materials include: - Parameters and equations. - Field Parameters and entries for field logs. - Monitoring for common reagent products Covered are thermal processes, physical chemical processes, biological processes, as well as an overview of the technologies used for in situ remediation. To get a copy of the document click here:

http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/guidance/srra/in _situ_remediation.pdf?version_1_0



New Jersey’s successful Licensed Site Remediation Program has resulted in a careful look at many important aspects of
environmental cleanup and regulation. Guidance’s put forth continue to be of high quality and advance cleanups and make
them more cost effective in many cases. Here are recent Guidance’s; many of these are excellent:

• Contaminants of Emerging Concern – Web Page available – November 3, 2017

• Revised Remedial Action Permit for Groundwater Guidance available – October 20, 2017

• Confirmed Discharge Notification (CDN) and ISRA General Information Notice (GIN) Online Services available
October 20, 2017

• Updated Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon Calculator (Version 3.0) available – October 19, 2017

• Underground Storage Tank Updates – October 17, 2017

• New Technical Guidance – In Situ Remediation: Design Considerations and Performance Monitoring Guidance available
October 17, 2017

• Updated Soil Remediation Standards – September 18, 2017



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