Superfund Site Cleanup in Pennsylvania


Remediation of the first Superfund site in Pennsylvania was designed and implemented by RT Environmental Services, Inc. (RT) and considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be a "fine example of the progress that can be made when government and the business community work together to clean up the environment."  

RT provided a two part solution- a groundwater recovery and treatment system and remediation of a landfill operable unit.  

The groundwater treatment system involved hydrogeological investigation work in a semi-karst limestone aquifer, and design and construction of a 160 gallon per minute groundwater recovery and treatment plant. Compounds treated include benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, dichloropro-pane and other industrial solvent-type compounds.  

The landfill work consisted of design and installation of landfill leachate collection and capping systems. A bentonite clay composite cap was installed to prevent further migration of contaminants into the groundwater. In addition, special projects were completed to remove oil contaminated soils, containers of ether and drums.