Services for Utilities 

For over five years, RT Environmental Services, Inc. (RT) has provided comprehensive environmental services for the utilities industry. These include: 

  • Development of Waste and Recycling Plan
  • Facility Audits and Environmental Surveys
  • Preparation of Residual Waste Facility
  • Applications Development of Contingency Plans
  • Facility Upgrading Programs
  • Tanks Management
  • Operating Services 

Recycling Facility Project 

In a two-facility project for design and construction of upgraded industrial metals recycling facilities, RT addressed new regulatory waste management and stormwater control initiatives and minimized the potential for contamination of stormwater from exterior sources. 

Project Approach 

Using a proactive upgrading approach to source control, RT moved all potentially polluting activities under roof with full access control to prevent employee and vehicle tracking of contaminants. Regulatory agencies approved conceptual plans to upgrade the facilities under a private sector fast track program. 

Solution-Oriented Engineering 

The solution-oriented engineering features employed by RT included: 

  • Provision of a cone bottom tank system to simplify accumulation and loading of trench drain liquids considered to be hazardous waste.
  • One percent floor slopes and positive joint waterstop controls in the facility to minimize ponding and promote proper drainage to trench drains.
  • Electrically operated door vehicle access and egress controlled from a central office.
  • Video inspection of remote loading docks.
  • Provision of change rooms to prevent waste tracking by employees.
  • Design of alarm and timer controlled trench drain systems to minimize excessive employee water use, reducing production of hazardous waste.  

Adherence to Budget and Schedule 

The first facility came on line in late winter 1992, with the second facility to come on line six months later. Remedial measures at each facility spanned several months after startup. 


The facility has a design life of 20 plus years. It allows utilities to maximize recycling and cost recovery, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year through metals recycling.