Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can be present in buildings constructed prior to 1980. Asbestos containing materials are regulated by both the State and Federal Government, because asbestos fibers, if inhaled can cause cancer. The most common forms of asbestos containing materials in buildings include:

  • pipe installation
  • floor tiles
  • ceiling tiles
  • sprayed on insulation
  • plaster
  • factory brickwork

If potential asbestos containing materials (a defined regulatory term) are present in a building, an asbestos containing materials survey by a licensed ACM surveyor is required. During the survey, material is tested to see if it is asbestos containing, the quantities of the material are recorded, and its condition is assessed. Where asbestos containing materials are found in poor condition, if an "immanent hazard" condition exists immediate abatement or repair is required. In some instances, continued occupancy is not possible.

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