RT mobilized to a Mississippi newspaper production facility to assess and recommend remedial options for a building heavily impacted by excessive moisture and mold growth. Work included addressing all employees and informing them of implementation of remedial measures. Relocation and temporary treatment measures were implemented as well.

RT is completing a major mold assessment and remediation project in an eight-story Delaware apartment building. Following a roofing loss in a windstorm, water damage through all seven floors caused mold growth in carpets, in wall boards and in concealed areas. After another company was unable to complete the assignment within the required time frame, RT was asked to reassess the extent of the problem and set up a three-shift mold remediation program to complete the work prior to a planned transaction.

For a major Wilmington office building which had suffered fire damage, RT was retained to offer a final opinion on mold remediation. The building, gutted by fire, became wetted while insurance claims were resolved. Detailed logs and records were reviewed to provide assurance to the purchaser that mold contamination was adequately remediated.

At a suburban Philadelphia Brownsfields site office building, 20,000 SF of stachybotrys chartarum impacted carpet was found in an area twice impacted by flooding. RT confirmed that tenant furnishings and the HVAC system were not impacted. Specifications for mold rededication were prepared prior to remedial program implementation.

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