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10/31/2013 Philadelphia Energy Solutions and Carlyle Group

We at RT think that the Carlyle Group deserves an award of environmental excellence as "fracking", which produces oil and gas in abundance results in oil refined using existing Pennsylvania infrastructure. 

10/18/2013 RT Environmental Services, Inc. is 25 years old!

Again and again, we have had repetitive assignments from clients; in some years, our work has had as high as 60% repeat business, one of the highest in our industry.

10/03/2013 Hotel-Retail Redevelopment Goes Forward The first phase will cost $20 million-plus and create about 239 construction jobs, then 156 store and hotel jobs when it is finished in May, said project manager Remington Group.
9/19/2013 Justin Lauterbach is now a Qualified Environmental Professional

Achievement of the QEP certification

7/09/2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The President’s Climate Change Policy - Link to Article

6/17/2013 New Jersey Environmental

Requirements for Child Care Facilities

6/10/2013 Massachusetts Contingency Plan Being Updated;

LSP Association Comments

6/05/2013 EPA Extends Comment Period for Vapor Intrusion Guide

RT offers experience

5/08/2013 Natural Gas – More Clean Fuel

Means Cleaner Air for the United States

4/5/2013 EPA to Require Cleaner Gasoline

The Potential Gas Committee has raised its projection on the available amount of natural gas in the
country to nearly five times its previous estimate.

4/3/2013 EPA Rice Rules – Important Update

There are Alternative Guidance Options for Certain Large Spark Ignition

4/1/2013 PA Chamber Spring Conference

Spring Conference

3/15/2013 Past Decades Ranks Among Hottest

New research suggests average global temperatures were higher in the past decade than over most of the previous 11,300 years

2/13/2013 World of Asphalt

World of Asphalt Show & Conference focuses exclusively on the asphalt industry as its leading exposition and education resource.

2/7/2013 Aquaculture Helps Oyster Harvests Rebound In New Jersey - NYC Diners Love Them!

New Jersey was once home to a booming oyster industry…

1/27/2013 PM2.5…Will The Tightened Standard Affect Your Facility?

EPA, in a December 14th Final Rule, tightened the annual PM2.5 standard for fine particulates…

1/9/2013 Emissions Standards For Boilers

EPA on December 20 finalized clean air standards for industrial boilers,

1/7/2013 EPA Offers Broader Tenant Liability Relief

EPA is broadening liability protections for tenants leasing property on brownfields or other contaminated properties

12/07/12 RT Establishes Full Service Energy Group

As RT enters our fourth year in Southwestern PA, we have continually expanded our services to accommodate the Marcellus Shale Industry.

11/2/2012 In PA General Beneficial Use Permits - Expiration Dates Extended

Pennsylvania Act 46 of 2010, and Act 87 of 2012, extended existing permit expiration dates for a number of General Beneficial Use Permits used in the asphalt industry.

10/31/2012 New LBP Rule

Landlords in Philadelphia will be required to test for the presence of Lead-Based Paint (LBP), under a measure approved by the city Council starting with new leases after December 21, 2012, according to Philadelphia news reports.

10/16/2012 LSRP Partnering In NJ On Roadway

The Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program was finalized on May 2, 2012, as to using a new Linear Construction Project approach, when installing utilities or constructing or reconstructing roadways in New Jersey.

10/03/2012 Focused Act 2 Remediation

RT is pleased to announce 24 hour service to the Marcellus Gas industry, to assist with managing remediation when releases occur at drilling or midstream sites

10/02/12 Moldy Homes Cause Asthma in Children

Infants who live in moldy homes are three times more likely to develop asthma by age seven…

08/24/12 TVA is Liable For 2008 Coal Ash Spill

In a ruling on one of the world's worst environmental disasters involving a massive coal ash spill in December 2008…

08/23/12 Switch to Natural Gas Fuels Leads to Big Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gas/carbon dioxide releases into the atmosphere more recently have fallen to a 20-year low in the U.S.

08/02/2012 Opting Out Rule for Renovation of Buildings Containing LBP

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit upheld the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) removal of the opt-out provision for work that disturbs lead-based paint in pre-1978 housing.

07/11/2012 Ambient Air

Based on its review of the air quality criteria and the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter (PM)…

7/3/12 Giant Eagle Wins PEC Award

Giant Eagle, a Pittsburgh grocery retailer for more than 80 years, is one of the largest, privately-owned and family-operated companies in the United States.

7/2/12 Bacteria Linked to Indoor Mold Water-Damage

In a new study, a University of Cincinnati (UC) environmental health research team found evidence linking two specific strains of bacteria...

6/29/12 Chlorinated Solvent Contamination: New Challenges for Properties

For properties where chlorinated solvents have been released, new regulatory challenges and related liability concerns are increasing as a result of controversial human health studies recently published by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

6/26/12 PA UST Operator Training Deadline

PA rules require that underground storage tank operators (UST) operators must be designated by tank owners and trained no later than Aug. 8, 2012.

6/18/12 EPA Proposes Fine Particles in Air NAAQS Reduction

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed that allowable levels of soot in the nation's air be reduced to protect public health.

5/7/12 Today Is D-Day

New Jersey have to retain a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP).

4/26/12 PADEP Site Redevelopment & Stormwater Issues

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently issued Guidance in the form of an update to its statewide Erosion and Sediment Control manual.

4/6/2012 EPA Lessens Frack Water Quality Concerns

The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim...

3/27/2012 Arch Coal Mine Revocation Overturned

A federal judge ruled last week the Environmental Protection Agency...

3/23/2012 Marcellus Shale Wastewater

The PA Department of Environmental Protection has found that less of the wastewater produced from Marcellus Shale drilling...

3/19/2012 Trash in New Jersey

Changes are taking place in the New Jersey Site Remediation Program...

3/16/2012 Next Generation Emergency Notification

Metis Secure Solutions, of Pittsburgh, has a new generation of emergency notification equipment...

2/29/2012 King of Prussia's UgMO Technologies

After installation of a Wireless Soil Monitoring System...

2/6/2012 Stormwater Sampling

A Connecticut firm, Sailer has Environmental, announced a new service...

2/3/2012 Air Stack Tests

EPA and many states are now focusing on particulate matter...

2/1/2012 Stormwater Permit-Builders Request Delay

Separately, EPA announced on Jan. 11 that the agency is seeking updated turbidity data...

1/12/2012 Global Warming-Where is the Proof?

Carbon in the form of CO2 is one of the heaviest molecules found in our atmosphere...

12/07/2011 Arsenic & Dioxin - As Toxic as Reported? Not on Your Life! Gary Kayajanian, has reanalyzed the Taiwan study on arsenic...
12/02/2011 RT Summarizes Revisions To NJDEP Remediation Rules NJDEP proposed a number of significant changes to its Remediation Program…
11/21/2011 May 7, 2012 – Key Deadline for New Jersey Property Owners Who Have Not Finished Cleanup The State Legislature and the NJDEP have imposed deadlines on property owners of contaminated sites
11/17/2011 Flood Issues in New Jersey  Barry Chalofsky, former longtime DEP Stormwater Program Manager, recently offered an opinion on flooding in NJ
11/15/2011 Change in Rules for Building Renovations, Related To Lead Paint Management The Mintz Levin Law Firm recently issued an Environmental Alert
11/08/2011 Stormwater - Federal Enforcements Increases on East and West Coast In recently announced enforcement activities related to stormwater
11/03/2011 Mold What is the Best Way to Sample? Sampling of mold requires skill to get meaningful results.
11/01/2011 SPCC Implementation on the Doorstep! The date for full implementation of SPCC Plans is here
10/14/2011 NJDEP Changes Policy Related to Vapor Intrusion Potential in Unoccupied Buildings  NJDEP has changed its policy with respect to contamination proximal to unoccupied structures at remediation sites
11/10/2011 NJDEP Responds on Vapor Intrusion NJDEP recently responded to RT on a change in NJDEP policy on how to address vapor intrusion
10/13/2011 MTBE Problems  in Petroleum Retail Service Station Drip Pans are Still an Issue of Concern Because a number of states do not require inspection of drip pans, particularly under gasoline dispensers, new MTBE release are occurring…
10/12/2011 PA Governor Corbett Proposes Marcellus Shale Impact Fee Tax PA’s Governor Corbett recently announced his plan for Marcellus Shale fees
09/26/2011 Modular StormwateRx Solutions for Waste Industry Sites Word is getting out around the country on how functional and cost-effective StormwaterRx modules are…
09/22/2011 PA DEP Changes Administration of Oil and Gas Regulatory Program The PADEP is creating a stand alone “Oil and Gas Bureau”
08/9/2011 Changes In Marcellus Shale Gas Well Permitting Are Being Evaluated As A Result Of Chesapeake Bay Foundation Case Settlement A number of changes are being evaluated as a result of a settlement with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
06/27/2011 StormwateRx Announces Retenu – Modular Treatment for Sites with Elevated Suspended Solids in Runoff StormwateRx recently announced the availability of Retenu – a modular advanced treatment system for use at sensitive sites.
05/24/2011 Strategic Alliance Announced With D-Fence D-Fence offers a sound solution, to install & maintain silt fences
04/6/2011 StormwateRx Technology Heading East StormwateRx LLC technology units are now in fabrication and will be heading east
3.2.2011 StormwateRx Announces Use Of Enhanced Media in Aquip Unit is Successful Enhanced Filtration effluent results from a scrap yard stormwater treatment facility...
3.1.2011 EPA Issues Recycled Used Oil Rule No Changes for the Asphalt Pavement Industry
2.22.2011 Stormwater Management: An Innovative Look at LID and BMPs Seminar on April 7,2011-Harrisburg, PA - Gary Brown will present on: Special Management areas: Brownfields, special protection waters, urban areas, highways, and roads...
1.17.2011 Results Are In - StormwateRx Units Achieve Effective Metals Removal With the increased focus on contaminants of concern in stormwater...
1.14.2011 $1.5 Million Health Monitoring Fund Set Up NJ's Kiddie Kollege case...
1.11.2011 Stormwater Gets Serious In a Federal Court case carefully watched by those discharging Stormwater...
12.29.2010 Dimock Settlement PA DEP recently announced a settlement with Cabot Oil and Gas
11.29.2010 Stormwaterx Modular Treatment Systems Available on East Coast Stormwaterx manufactures storm water filtration/treatment Best Management Practices...
11.23.2010 RT Comments on EPA Proposed Coal Combustion Residual Regulations RT Recommended that existing sites be examined as appropriate....
10.26.2010 Glouchester County NJ Brownfields Site Goes Solar Brownfields Site on Mantua Grove Road at I-295 in West Deptford Township, NJ
09.27.2010 Port Redevelopment Receives Top Attention in Philadelphia 800 Imported cars being processed per day, at the largest auto finishing operation on the east coast of the U.S. - Environmentally, collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, and the PA DEP helped make the project happen...
09.13.2010 DEP Extending MS-4 General Permit To Manage Stormwater Runoff DEP is providing municipal drainage system operators a nine-month extension of their existing general permit
PA DEP Finalizes Tightened TDS Regulations
New Treatment requirements for Total Dissolved Solids
07.26.2010 Superfund Liability For Roadway Stormwater Discharges? Superfund Site in Tacoma, where there are hazardous substances contaminating sediment
06.03.2010 Revisions to Erosion and Sedimentation/Chapter 102 Regulations moving to finalization
06.01.2010 EPA proposes nationwide regulation of coal ASH disposal Following national attention from a failed coal ash disposal facility in Kingston, TN.
05.27.2010 TDS rulemaking advances; PA Chamber of Business and Industry comments result in changes
04.21.2010 RT becomes new member to CSHEMA! The EPA has instituted the Compliance Assistance Initiative for Colleges & Universities
04.14.2010 Business of Brownfields on April 20th & 21st in Pittsburgh Justin Lauterbach, presented information on the Raymark Industries/Manheim Redevelopment Site Project
04.12.2010 2010 Mid-Atlantic Annual Environmental & Energy Conference & Trade Show Exclusive Diamond Sponsor for this event. Best Management Practices for Stormwater Management Presentation by Justin Lauterbach & Gary Brown
04.08.2010 PA DEP Proposes to Tighten Standard for Arsenic & Benzo(A)Pyrene Increases in Redevelopment Costs Expected
03.02.2010 NJDEP Reopens Comments period for Many Proposed Rules Executive order No. 1 & 3 (2010)
01.20.2010 PADEP - Public Outreach on TDS TDS Standards
01.06.2010 SPCC Rules Compliance Required by January 14th
01.06.2010 NJ Site Remediation & Reform Act Options for Property Seller/Buyers and Those Undertaking Remediation
01.05.2010 EPA Issues Final Rule Effluent guidelines for discharges from construction and development sites
12.30.2009 Stimulus Small Business Advantage Grant Program The program funds pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects
12.29.2009 SPCC Rule Amendments EPA revised federal Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure
10.29.2009 In NJ - LSRP Time is Here; RT is Ready! NJ will be referred to Licensed Site Remediation Professionals to investigate & Remediate
08.06.2009 Special Sites Stormwater Management At Mining sites, Brownfields sites & at sites with sinkhole potential (aka Karst) sites
05.12.2009 More Bargains Every Week in Real Estate More Bargains Every Week In Real Estate - Do Buyers Know What They Are About To Purchase?
05.08.2009 Cleanup Privatization Cleanup Privatization Comes To New Jersey
04.28.2009 Spill Prevention Control Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Regulations From EPA Effective Very Soon
04.20.2009 SW Regional Office RT Comes to Southwest PA Region
04.08.2009 NJDEP News Site Remediation Reform & Licensed Site Professional Bill Moves Forward
02.18.2009 Property Managers and Building owner update Property Asset Protection Including Mothballing A Key Focus Of Property Managers & Owners
02.09.2009 Vehicle Idling Act Pennsylvania Diesel Idling Law Finalized
01.14.2009 Environmental News Federal Infrastructure Program Announced
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