Indoor air pollution is an area of essentially unregulated contamination whose existence has only recently come to the public's attention. The sources of these pollutants are varied, ranging from building and cleaning materials, naturally occurring (e.g., radon) and human induced (e.g., tobacco smoke) pollutants, inadequately sized and/or maintained HVAC systems, and poorly located air intake systems. Mold, mildew and low air charge rates can also contribute to indoor air problems. 

Ninety (90%) percent of our time is spent indoors and the danger of unhealthful exposure and injury is estimated at no less than three times those from ambient air exposure. Industry has now begun to respond to indoor air contamination and expertise exists to make certain that properties can be assured to be "well," rather than "sick." 

Those buying and selling properties need to take these concerns into account so that a property is not later found to be a "sick building." 

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